Rossella ProtoAcademy Pills

Rossella Proto is an archaeologist graduated from the University of Suor Orsola Benincasa, located in Naples. Native of the Amalfi coast, she still lives today in Maiori. She is also a licenced authorized tourist guide specialized on Campania sites.

Thanks to her experiences as an archaeologist, she has acquired great awareness of the importance of the ancient evidences present in the various territories and how much they can help to understand its history.

The work of a tourist guide, instead, was fundamental for her to be able to understand how important and pleasant it is to transmit one’s knowledge to those who are truly interested.

The luck of being born and living in a territory such as the Amalfi Coast made her acquire the awareness of how much beauty a similar territory can give and it is for this reason that she decided to implement an operation to safeguard and enhance the coastal territory and, more precisely, of those lesser-known archaeological sites which are instead very important for reconstructing history.

Finally, in the last year she started her school career as an Italian teacher in a high school and this experience meant that she could perfect her method of transmitting her knowledge.