Raffaele Romano is a specialized archeologist, licensed tour guide, entrepreneur, art expert,
founder of Grand Tour Experience and co-founder of Academy Pills.

He has conducted archeological excavations of the classical and medieval times throughout the Mediterranean, specializing in the iconic heritage archeological sites such as Pompeli and Herculaneum, contributing to their knowledge with scientific publications.

Raffaele has also collaborated with the Imperial War Museum of London managing the use of the museum
and has worked on contemporary painting and photography exhibitions.

In 2019 the city of Pompei awarded him honorary citizenship.

In 2020 he was among the creators of the concept of virtual online tour collaborating
with companies such as Airbnb Experiences.

In March 2021, during a preventive archeological excavation at Pompei,

Raffaele found the remains of an extra-urban villa.

The phenomenal discovery has been reported on many national and international newspapers,
increasing the prestige of Grand Tour Experience in the eyes of past lovers.