Naples and Street Art: a New Project

Naples has been chosen as the inaugural stage of the #ART & more project and the work has been realized on a PVC sheet three hundred meters long and 11 meters wide that has left free both the bike path and the sidewalk and that will remain visible and usable to the citizens, without any limitation or restriction of space, until July 21. Similar projects have been experimented in other parts of the world, where very long streets have been decorated with rainbows and other designs. In this case it is a more complex and elaborate collective work of large dimensions.



The work of street art is part of the project #ART &more. It is 3300 square meters of murals drawn, in just 3 days, directly on a sheet stretched on the cobblestones of Via Caracciolo, in correspondence of the Rotonda Diaz and Lido Mappatella, between the intersection with Piazza della Repubblica until the corner of Viale Anton Dohrn.
“Odyssey complete – comments Jorit – The work is inaugurated. Proud to live in Naples”.

The Naples seaside is colored with three square kilometers of murals by Neapolitan street artists – @jorit, @shaone, @iabo, @zeus40_wb_vmd, @tony_tres, @yele.1312, @elnigrotat2, @enzocrefand @alessandro_cocchia – and students from the Academy of Fine Arts.


A colossal work visible even from the sky for the lucky tourists who arrive in the city by plane. The mega-mural was inaugurated on Friday 16 July 2021 at the Rotonda Diaz.

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