New Mosaic Found at Roman Bath

A New Mosaic found at the Roman Bath of Baia just outside Naples.

We are in the Mercury Baths, in the room called the “inverted fig”. 


However, a stroke of a wet brush was enough to make the day exceptional, with an explosion of colors: green, yellow, red, blue, in shades spread over hundreds of glass paste tesserae.



The expert restorer Dr. Andra Cardillo cleaned up a small portion of it: “The beauty that appears after having been hidden by the dust of time is always an indescribable emotion”…and the parts that have been preserved are much larger, and will hopefully be discovered as soon as possible.



It is the refined decoration of the mosaic vault that for the first time we see not only in the bright colors, but also in the leaves, intertwined branches and fruits that were to be drawn on the entire ceiling.

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